Concert Band

No Sudden Movements (2020) Score 

In Flander's Fields (2018) -concert band, strings, and chorus Score 

Symphony No. 2 (2015) Score 

I Dreamed I Grew Gills (2010) Score 

If this is a man (2010) Score 

Gabriel's Hounds (2009) Score 

Pursuit (2009) Score 

Breakneck (2008) Score 

Lauda (2007) published by Manhattan Beach Music  

Marching Bands and Circus Animals (2007) Score 

From Winter's Darkness (2007) Score 

Symphony for Wind Ensemble (2006) Score 

My Brother’s Keeper (2004) Score 

Autumn People (2001) published by Art of Sound Music 


In Flander's Fields (2018) -concert band, strings, and chorus Score 

The Flower of Scotland (2007) - multi-ability level string orchestra Score 


Threnos (2011) - solo cello Score 

Twitch (2011) - solo clarinet Score 

Those Thoughts You Had Yesterday (2010) - alto flute, guitar, vibes, marimba, percussion, and viola Score 

Chamber Symphony (2010) - woodwind and brass quintets Score 

Aubade (2009) - flute, english horn, clarinet, bassoon, and trumpet Score 

You may never hear this (2007) - solo flute Score 

String Trio (2007) - violin, viola, and cello Score 

String Quartet (2006) Score 

Foucault's Pendulum (2005) - flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, double bass, 2 percussion Score 

Apothegm (2004) - brass choir and percussion Score 

Trio (2001) - flute, clarinet, and english horn Score 

Duo for clarinet and percussion (2001) Score 

Red Line - Green Line (2001) - solo trumpet Score 


In Flander's Fields (2018) -concert band, strings, and chorus Score 

Snow Day (2008) - SA and piano Score 

The Winter's Night (2006) - SATB Score 


Dies ist ein leid (2010) - baritone and piano Score  recording 

The Dark Hills (2004) - mezzo-soprano and piano Score recording 

So Long (2001) - soprano and piano Score recording 


Beyond Autumn Poem for Horn and Wind Ensemble - Joseph Schwantner (2006) available for rent from Schott Music